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[导读]:圈套1:工艺等阐明模糊不清Trap 1: The clarification of process etc is ambiguous 报价时因为业主更多地会重视单项的价格,而经
Trap 1: The clarification of process etc. is ambiguous.
Owners pay more attention to the price of individual items, and often neglect the rules of process clarification, especially the information, standard, grade, formaldehyde and benzene content.
Recruitment: We must verify the raw materials, standards and grades face to face, and implement them on paper, as an annex to the contract, in order to avoid regret, the time of filing a lawsuit or defense has no basis or unclear, let the home decoration company provide unqualified, non-environmental protection information at will.
Entrapment 2: Single area is easy to handle
Owners also attach great importance to the price of individual items. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated. In fact, this area is also the place where the guerrillas of home decoration do their work. If each area is slightly increased and the price of individual items is high, then a few hundred or more will go out.
Recruitment: After the price of a single item has been negotiated, we must not be afraid of hard work, and home improvement company together to measure the size of the area of a single item, and write down, implement it on paper, and calculate the total price of a single item, as an annex to the contract, so as to avoid the problem of area and size.
Entrapment 3: More fraud on client's quotation sheet
Work on the quotation sheet that is finally supplied to the customer. Usually, before the final contract is signed, the home improvement company and the owner will revise the quotation 3-4 times. The focus of attention is from unit price to area, total price and process clarification. If the talks are similar, the other party will give the owner a final given sample, requiring the owner to confirm and sign the contract. At this time, we must pay attention not to take it for granted as previously discussed, some fraudulent home furnishing companies will do some tricks in the process description or area, simplify some processes or steal some raw materials.
Recruitment: When signing a contract, we must personally compare and check the corresponding terms one by one. Whether the final conditions negotiated with the home improvement company are the same, we should not neglect any details and leave no opportunity for the traitors.
Sunday Decoration: Five Common Decoration Traps You Have to Know
Trap 4: Supplying defective products when entering the market
Although the contract and quotation sheet clearly write, what raw materials, what standards, what grades of products should be used, but some lucky home decoration companies will always rush to Liangshan, change face to face with a false authenticity, if the owner is not careful, the remnants of the information so quietly entered.
Recruitment: When the information comes in, it's better to be present in person, bring the contract and quotation sheet, and check it with the visitors or supervisors. At the time of signing the contract, the household decoration company must notify the owner or supervisor one to two days in advance of entering any information, otherwise the household decoration company will be responsible for any problems and delays in data presentation. We must adhere to the principles. No way is no way.
Trap 5: Water circuit data are ambiguous
Hydroelectric circuit transformation is the most important, but for home improvement companies, this is also the most important profit point. So when designing, we should strictly control the budget.
Home decoration companies will take the actual data of hydropower transformation as the basis, and now it is difficult to budget, refuse to tell you in advance how much the total cost of hydropower transformation. As a result, when the owner checks out, he often finds himself paying more than 34,000 yuan for the project, which is very passive.
With the summary of Jinan family decoration, I hope it will be helpful to our customers. If you don't understand or ask for help, please click on our official website: http://www.jnjmzdc.com or call for consultation. We will try our best to solve it for you.


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