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[导读]:  家庭装修步骤如何合理布局家具?  How to arrange furniture reasonably in family decoration steps?  1、小家具摆小空间
  How to arrange furniture reasonably in family decoration steps?
  1. Small furniture sets up small space, big furniture sets up large space: usually small furniture or low-scale furniture, suitable for small area or low smallpox space, can reduce the pressure caused by insufficient height of smallpox or narrow space, large area is best to place larger furniture, because small furniture may be like being swallowed up by indoor space and not easily noticed. Large space, of course, can put in a large number of furniture, but sometimes only put on a single and design furniture, will create a quite different feeling.
  2. Symmetrical decoration: Take the table and chair decoration as an example, put one at the front and back of the table, two at each side, and both are arranged in symmetrical distance and position. Naturally, you can feel the rhythm full of symmetry. Imagine space as a big table, and then put furniture in order. Symmetry is the easiest way to express the sense of order. Grasp this principle and not be afraid of space disorder.
  3. The size ratio of adjacent furniture should be close: furniture placed side by side or adjacent to each other should not be too different in size and proportion, otherwise the space will look very uncoordinated. If you have a small and delicate table, don't put too big or too heavy furniture beside it, and don't lay too complicated or too big, too heavy table towel, let alone hang a pendant lamp on it that looks like it is bigger than the table.
  4. Furniture furnishings need to correspond with each other: this point is related to the vertical dimension of the horizontal line of sight. In terms of the horizontal line of sight, if the space is large enough, two single chairs can be added to the opposite side of the sofa seat for three and two people, so as to avoid the sense of vacancy or discontinuity in the field of vision. If the wall of the interior is arranged to implement the bookcase, then on the opposite side, it naturally needs high furniture to echo each other. It can be a floor lamp or an indoor plant.
  5. Find the center of the ground: Another way to find balance is to imagine putting a big carpet on the floor. If your room is square or rectangular, the carpet is usually placed in the center of the room, that is, the center of all the diagonals. If you look up L-shaped rooms, you can use two carpets, one in the center of one side and the other in the middle of the other side. In a word, just grasp the suitable place of furniture around the carpet.
  6. Construct contours: If furniture lines can be parallel to space lines, such as window frames or visual continuity, it is unlikely that too many lines will be generated. When laying out multiple cabinets, if the sky can form a contour line workers do not fall too far from each other's height, it is a more appropriate way of matching.
  7. Unification and harmony of the overall space style: the sense of interior space must emphasize harmony, otherwise there may be a problem of style inconsistency. For example, a certain area in the space appears quite free, but in another place it appears solemn and orderly, or on the one hand it is a complex and gorgeous Gothic style, on the other hand it has a cold and concise industrial line design, which can not be integrated into the space design, only makes the interior look dazzling.
  8. Furniture and space style coordination: Furniture is the main role of the space, we should pay attention to whether it can be placed in harmony with the interior style, and avoid singing each tune. Take the large-scale middle building as an example, because of the open space and appropriate collocation, it should be large and elegant furniture, with marble floor and curtain hanging from the ceiling to the ground, showing the momentum of space. If the interior design is mainly made of iron, glass or other industrial materials, and the space tone is relatively cool realism, then it is better to abandon rural or gorgeous classical style furniture and match simple modern furniture to highlight the style of space.
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