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[导读]:装修小白装修前都是一头懵的,哪些装修资料品牌比拟牢靠,哪些装修资料质量比拟好 这些关于小白来说,都像教科书一样深邃。其实关于不同
  Xiaobai decoration before decoration is a confused, which decoration materials brand comparison is reliable, which decoration materials quality comparison is good.... These about Xiaobai, are as profound as textbooks. In fact, the acceptance criteria for different materials are also different, let Jinan family decoration for the acceptance of the main data to make a detailed introduction, you get good~
  Acceptance and acceptance of paints and coatings
  1. Check whether there is a factory name, address and registered trademark on the packaging, and whether there is a quality inspection and monitoring department's inspection report. It is found that there are no products that can complain to the quality inspection department.
  2. Remember to check the color of the product with the original color card in case of mistakes.
  3. Mixed coatings with good quality have a slight layer of oil or dilution on the surface and thicker underneath. After mixing, they can be abundant and average, and their pink color is normal. If there are thicker, thicker, precipitated and caked coatings, it is pointed out that there are problems with the coatings.
  4. Latex paint can prove that: take a glass of water, put a small amount of paint into the water and stir quietly. If the water in the glass is still clear, the particles of latex paint are relatively independent, and there is no agglomeration phenomenon, so the quality of latex paint is very good. If the water becomes turbid, the quality of the paint will not pass.
  5. Another way is to distinguish the true from the false from the sensory and feel. Real latex paint has no irritating smell, while the low-grade is water-soluble paint, a few rubs will drop powder, expose.
  Acceptance of tiles
  1. Fake and inferior decorative ceramic tiles have a greater bias in appearance and specifications. When placed together, there will be obvious size heads. Check whether the edges of ceramic tiles can be lubricated and whether there are traces of damage in the process of handling.
  2. Put the two tiles together to see if there is obvious color difference and joint.
  3、用硬物敲击瓷砖,声音清亮的阐明质量好 、砖烧得熟,假如声音异常阐明瓷砖内部有裂纹。
  3. Stroke the ceramic tile with hard object, the clarification quality is good and the brick is burned well. If the sound is abnormal, the cracks in the ceramic tile will be clarified.
  4. Good tiles usually have a delicate texture.
  5. Drop water on the opposite side of the ceramic tile. If the water spreads quickly and leaches everywhere, it indicates that the particles inside the ceramic tile are loose or cracked, and the quality of the ceramic tile is not good.
  Sheet acceptance
  1. To check the trademark, address and anti-counterfeiting sign of the consumer, don't forget to check the formaldehyde emission in the product test report. The lower the formaldehyde detection value, the better. Large core board can be divided into E1 and E2 according to its harmful substance limit, and family decoration can only use E1.
  2. See if the appearance can be smooth, warped, deformed, bubbling and depression; whether the core arrangement can be uniform, whether there are decay, fracture, wormhole, scar.
  3. Prove that the products described in the inspection report provided by the decoration company can be smelled by nose. If the wood smells delicately fragrant, the formaldehyde emission is less; if the smells are pungent, the formaldehyde emission is more.


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