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  In fact, for people with difficulty in choosing, it is really difficult to choose. Take the decoration style that Xiaobian wants to talk about today, maybe it is a difficult thing. I feel that all the decoration styles are very good. What kind of style should I wear at home? It's hard to decide. Xiaobian teaches you how to choose the decoration style!
  1. Chinese retro style
  While the demands of modern life are constantly met, people also set off a wave of yearning for traditional culture, so the Chinese style of retro-antiquity emerged at the historic moment. It also includes the new Chinese style, which is characterized by the prominent color of furniture. Its main elements are Chinese painting, painting and calligraphy, and furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties. If you ask literati what style is good for decoration, then they will definitely answer, of course, it is Chinese retro style.
  2. Pastoral Style
  For a friend who likes to be fresh and fresh, the most appropriate thing is the idyllic style. Pastoral style, as its name implies, is a kind of close to nature, has the rural flavor of the decoration style performance, in the bustling city can let you experience close to nature. Such a simple and unadorned state of life is the best choice for a busy worker for a whole day.
  3. European Style
  European style is a kind of style that combines the needs of modern people for life, but not without losing the romantic feelings. It perfectly combines elegance with modern fashion, reflecting the aesthetic view and cultural taste of personalization in the post-industrial era. In design, it is from simplicity to complexity, from the whole to the part, carved columns, inlaid gold carving give a meticulous impression, shaping a delicate and elegant living condition. It's a good choice for newly married couples with good financial conditions.
  First, look at
  If you have no idea about your home decoration style, you can read books or search information on the Internet, or go to the decoration store to see some different decoration styles, find out the decoration style that you are interested in and heartbeat, discuss with your designer, and find out the suitable home style for you.
  Two, election
  The choice here refers to the choice of materials in home decoration. If you are not sure about the style of home decoration, you can go to see some building materials first. The key point of home decoration is to integrate and integrate. The use of materials itself will form a style, the choice of building materials must be complementary to the overall decoration style of the home. So you can also find the inspiration of your home decoration style by choosing building materials.
  Three, talk about
  It means that you need to communicate with your designer regularly and tell the designer your ideas in time so that the designer can fully understand your needs. The more exchanges, the more accurately the designer pinches your ideas, the better the home decoration will meet your expectations.
  Well, about what decoration style to choose for home decoration, Xiaobian will share with you here. As for what style to choose, we should not only consider the actual situation at home, but also consider what we like!


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