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  The master bedroom is generally the place where the family owners live, and it is also the place that can best represent our personality and style. However, the master bedroom can not be designed at will. The layout of the master bedroom should be considered from the following aspects.
  To decorate the living room, the main direction of the wall, floor and ceiling must not be wrong. The bedroom should be warm with a warm floor or carpet. Although a large part of the wall has held furniture, decoration can be some simple, but not careless, the main space on the wall, can be some of the earth we like and unique style of decoration, in the choice of color, to be consistent with the overall tone of the room. The ceiling is the key to decoration, the color should not be thick and heavy, generally speaking, the more concise, the more elegant the better.
  The overall color of the room should be unified, and some changes can be sought in the partial decoration, which will neither break the overall sense nor make people feel so rigid, but also pay attention to the feeling of color to us. Green is full of vitality and gives us hope; pink makes you feel romantic and soft: blue makes you calm; yellow represents passion. The bedroom light should be mainly soft yellow, and some other lamps with extraordinary functions can be set to white. These aspects work well together, leaving us the choice of style.
  To ensure the privacy of the bedroom, first of all, we should start from the room layout structure. Generally speaking, the bedroom should be far from the living room and bathroom. If guests come, these two places are often used. If the guest wants to enter the living room or go to the bathroom and pass through the bedroom door, it's a little bad, and it's not convenient for the guest. Therefore, the layout of the living room and bedroom should follow the principle of front room and back lying, and the orientation of front and back is determined according to the position of the door.
  In the layout, a certain distance should also be maintained between the main and secondary beds. The master bedroom and the secondary bedroom are generally inhabited by different generations. Adults, children and the elderly all have their own privacy. We should also pay attention not to make the room too close to each other. Sometimes, secondary sleeping is also used to arrange the rest of the guests. In this case, it is more necessary to open the distance.
  This is what we should pay attention to in the layout, and the layout of the bedroom should also pay attention to, especially the windows. It is not easy to balance the lighting and privacy of windows. The lighting and ventilation of windows are directly related to the health of residents, and large windows make bedroom space at a glance, so the style and scale of windows should be carefully grasped. When choosing the style of the window, it is better to open the window flat, which is conducive to closing and separating people's sight. Attention should also be paid to the layout of windows, so that they are not in direct contact with the opposite households, which is not conducive to ventilation, lighting and privacy.
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