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[导读]:  我们经常听说你可以通过一个人的衣服来了解他 她,因为每个人都有自己的特点。装修也不例外,从一个家庭装修的风格可以看出主人的品味
  We often hear that you can know a person by his or her clothes, because everyone has his or her own characteristics. Decoration is no exception, from a family decoration style can be seen that the owner's pursuit of taste. Therefore, it is very important to decide the decoration style. Now tell you how to decide the decoration style before decoration.
  First of all, we can find the feeling. Reading newspapers, browsing information on the Internet, and choosing the style you like, rather than according to the size, structure and financial ability of your family, just like buying your favorite clothes, shoes and finding the right style for yourself. In short, no matter from which direction to choose the decoration style, the most important thing is that this is a stage to find feelings.
  Next, extend from point to surface. For example, if you see a noble and elegant dress in a department store wardrobe, you want to own it. You are looking for Chinese style decoration design style, which extends to accessories, furniture, floor, wall color, lighting, a little elasticity, from point to face, from part to the whole, the entire home style is also taking shape.
  Third, in the family decoration, the choice of materials is very important. A suit of clothes, after a reasonable selection of fabrics, the selection of appropriate materials and decorative style, will have the effect of icing on the cake. Especially in a suitable person, it will reflect the feeling of "clothing in one". Po decoration pottery suggested decoration building materials market in the pre-decoration investigation, looking for appropriate decoration materials.
  Fourth, the completion of personalized home design requires the owner and designer to communicate. The host should communicate with the designer more, tell the designer what he is interested in, his personality, occupation and life, communicate with the designer and express his needs. Designers in the decoration process can combine your performance and design a suitable decoration plan for your home. Home is a place where everyone can fully reflect their emotions and relax. They don't want to show off in front of others. After decoration, we must be loyal to ourselves and turn the house into a home.
  Fifth, according to funds, family size, structure, decoration style. Generally speaking, some decorative styles will save us time and money. This is the case with modern simplicity, and Chinese decoration style is usually 1.5 times that of modern simplicity. And like Mediterranean style, southeastern style, European style and so on, is to invest time, money is also a lot.
  Sixth, there is no absolute environmental protection decoration materials, no absolute green home environment. It is best to minimize the use of decorative materials in order to reduce harmful gases in the air. Now promote functional design, design so that consumers can fully enjoy the warmth and comfort in a simple and practical home.


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