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  Where should I check the room?
  Whether the wall is flat
  To check whether the ground is flat, you only need to use long feet (or special level rulers), the surface of the wall, check whether it is flat, and observe whether there is a scratch, whether there is a critical point on the wall (critical point: the uneven mixing of quicklime in mature lime is not good, which can form an explosive wall, use a hammer "critical point", you will find a large area of loose, falling off, such as quality problems.
  Is there a crack in the wall
  To check whether the wall is flat, it is also necessary to check whether there are cracks in the wall (common four kinds of cracks: strength cracks, settlement cracks, temperature cracks, deformation cracks), and whether there are steel wire mesh and reinforcement leakage. If the above wall problems are found during the inspection in the room, the developer is requested to sign and help repair.
  Strong current
  When checking the strong and weak current, it is mainly to see whether the switch and meter can control the indoor lamps and sockets, and check the firmness of the switch and socket. Check whether the vertical distance between strong current and weak current is more than one meter, otherwise it will affect the watching effect of TV in the future. (this is very important) the pen / light bulb measures the strength of each one without obstruction.
  Is it reasonable to leave a hole
  First of all, check the air conditioner and gap in the living room, South and North bedrooms. Especially when checking the air conditioning hole, we must see if it is high inside and low outside. If the outside is high and the inside is low, the rain will come in when it rains, which is very troublesome, especially when the air conditioner is turned on in the north, the irrigation is very serious. If this problem is found, KFS is strongly required to block the tableland hole and re punch it.
  Whether the water supply is complete
  In the inspection of who should pay attention to, it is mainly to see whether the water supply of each water pipe tap in the room is matched (including the pipe well tap in the corridor).
  Drainage is normal
  As for water supply, one of the remaining problems is to solve the problem of drainage. The position to receive the drainage ditch is mainly in the basin, toilet, bathtub, toilet, kitchen, balcony floor drain, etc. (the rumble of the surface water should be heard). The qualified ground shall be free of water accumulation, because the floor drain is the lowest place, but a certain height of later pavement ground shall be reserved around the rough floor drain of the house. Make the water flow as large and fast as possible, check the water pressure and test the drainage speed.
  Whether the installation track of doors and windows is flat
  In the inspection of doors and windows, the most important thing is to check whether the track of doors and windows is smooth. Especially dear friends, we must pay attention to whether the window is closed tightly. Otherwise, the wind will enter the house, especially in the cold north, you will be very painful in winter. If you find these problems during the re inspection of the house, inform the developers directly, they will repair them soon, if you have signed, and then find the developers to deal with these problems. Then their efficiency is very low.
  Knock and paint
  It is necessary to carefully check whether the door knocks and paints. Strictly speaking, the inside, outside and top surfaces of the door must be painted. The gap of the door is not expected to be too large. There is no special sound when the door is closed. The door should be stained with the door frame around the door. The gap on one side of the door lock should not be too large, and the attempt to lock at the same time has not been forgotten. The key is to use the door lock. The door lock installation company. In addition, it is very important that the sound insulation effect of the door is good and the sealing degree is good.
  No damage to balcony equipment
  When accepting the balcony, it is mainly to see whether the ground of the balcony is flat and undamaged, followed by whether the window equipment of the balcony is in good condition.
  Do you learn a lot after reading it? If the quality of the house you buy is not good, it will not only affect your mood, but also bring unnecessary troubles to the decoration. The newly delivered billet room is a potential "decoration killer", which seriously affects the decoration construction and decoration effect, and the inspection of the room shows that the developer is "careless" and caused by defects. When receiving a room in advance, avoid twice the "wage bill" of your house.


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