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Jinan home decoration today to share with you is the beginning of the popular embedded kitchen, with the continuous development of decoration design, kitchen appliances are constantly updated, followed by their baking at home, do Western-style snacks, so, embedded kitchen is also slowly popular.
Embedded kitchen is to embed household appliances into the cabinet, and cabinet form a whole, the requirements of beautiful and save space on the table, suitable for embedded kitchen appliances gas stove, lampblack machine, refrigerator, steamer, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and so on.
Because embedded household appliances are much more expensive than ordinary ones, so only a small number of people start to install them in their homes. Ordinary households usually choose an oven, steamer, dishwasher for embedding. As for large items such as refrigerators, the difference is really high, in fact, it is not very necessary for the moment.
So is embedded appliances really good? Is it suitable for your family? What should I pay attention to?
Advantages and disadvantages of embedded kitchen
Everything has two sides. Embedded household appliances have their disadvantages, though they have the advantages of high face value and convenience.
优点: 我自己觉得颜值是大的优点,整齐美观之外,也可以根据自身的使用习惯提前规划好位置,各个家电的组合、排列会更加科学;喜欢烘焙、西餐的,一定会大爱。
Advantages: I think the face value is the biggest advantage, neat and beautiful, but also according to their own use habits in advance planning a good location, the combination of various appliances, arrangement will be more scientific; like baking, Western food, will love.
Disadvantages: The problem of high prices alone, high prices not only the home appliances themselves, because of heat dissipation problems directly need to improve the quality of cabinet panels will also bring additional costs, and installation more complex than ordinary.
Embedded kitchen is not simply embedded cabinet, its core concept is to achieve electrical appliances and appliances, electrical appliances and cabinets, electrical appliances and people with practical and organic interaction.
What should I pay attention to?
We must pay attention to seeing the home appliances first and then looking at the cupboards.
My uncle likes to hang out with fish, look at secondhand things, see many times, out of a brand new dishwasher, steamer, and so on, the reason is one, no good size, can not be loaded into, can only sell at a loss, or modify the cabinet, which is due to the previous did not look good household appliances or lack of communication with the cabinet company.
Then there is the cabinet company, hydropower, household appliances must meet, hand over a clear hole size, socket height, water and so on, to avoid future tear skin
Finally, don't overdo the pursuit of beauty, want to embed everything, such as gas meters, water meters, and so on, causing future security risks.
上文关于嵌入式厨房的介绍是由济南家庭装修公司整理编辑,想要了解更多的知识,可以关注我们的网站:http://www.jnjmzdc.com,我们会不断的在网站中更新相关知识,希望 能为你提供帮助!!
The above introduction about embedded kitchen is edited by Jinan Home Decoration Company. If you want to know more professional knowledge, you can pay attention to our website: http://www.jnjmzdc.com. We will update the relevant knowledge in the website constantly, hoping to help you!


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