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In the renovation and renovation of old houses, it often appears that there is much cost and can not achieve the expected effect. This is because people do not know enough about renovation and decoration knowledge, resulting in many misunderstandings. Today, the big product design Xiaobian look at the old housing renovation and decoration what are the mistakes? How to avoid it?
Myth 1: old house decoration is cheaper than new house decoration.
Many owners believe that the old house decoration need not be too complicated, simple decoration design on the line, certainly cheaper than the new house decoration, and the old house decoration package on the market seems to be very cheap. Therefore, once the total price of the old house decoration is higher than expected, they feel that the decoration company has increased the suspicion. People think that the old house decoration is cheap, mainly because the old house area is usually small, the total price seems to be less; the old house decoration package on the market is mainly small, and the new house package area is different, and some decoration companies in order to attract customers, in the package reduced part of the demolition fees. In fact, the cost of basic decoration of old houses is usually about 15% more than that of new houses of the same size, because old houses need to be demolished and rebuilt more than new ones.
Misunderstanding two: partial renovation is simpler than all decoration.
Some owners just want to change the cabinet, or change the color of wall paint, they can not understand is: I will do a part of the house beauty, certainly much simpler than the overall decoration, why brand decoration companies are not willing to accept? For brand decoration companies, partial renovation is still more troublesome than overall decoration. First of all, construction in a space where there are already many "obstacles" must be more difficult than in a place where there is nothing. Secondly, other areas and articles in the family should be protected, construction carefully again, when workers inevitably have a mistake, if knocked or valuables, perhaps more compensation than wages, but sometimes the owner still lives in the house, easy to cause responsibility is not well defined. Local renovation will also bring a chain reaction, such as changing the bathroom, but the original waterproof layer may be destroyed to redo, the bathroom other space of the ground connection also needs to be reconnected. In view of this, partial renovation is more troublesome than overall decoration.
Misunderstanding three: Housing defects should make up for perfection.
The original foundation and structure of some old houses are not very good, such as the wall may be askew, the top may be oblique, balcony and living room between the wall shelter. Many owners want to take advantage of the opportunity to redecorate the original defects to do a comprehensive repair, to achieve a perfect state. Beauty is of course necessary, but in addition to beauty, there are many safety and practical issues to consider, so some of the original defects are not necessarily repaired to the perfect state. For example, the wall is askew, to completely find the wall will be thickened a lot, many of the old room area is small, some toilets or even only 2 square meters, wall thickening may lead to some of the original fixed bathroom, furniture can not be put. Leveling the roof should not be done in the pursuit of complete straightness, because there will be frequent movement upstairs, if the roof leveling layer is too thick, vibration may cause the plasterboard used for leveling to fall off. In addition, although many old houses are not reasonably structured, they are not allowed to tear down walls and holes.
Misunderstanding four: Hydropower transformation is an excuse to increase.
The renovation of the entire old house foundation cost more than 20,000 yuan. Among them, the renovation of water and electricity cost 67,000 yuan. Many owners are not happy with the bill. They think it must be the decoration company's intentional increase in the amount of money. In fact, for the old house, if the water and electricity circuit has been aging, outdated, will affect the normal life of the owners in the future, this transformation is a real demand. Many houses built in the 1970s and 1980s were designed to meet the needs of household appliances. With the increasing number of household appliances, especially the emergence of high-power appliances such as microwave ovens and air conditioners, the former circuit capacity will be inadequate. Many old houses still use 1.5-2 square millimeters of aluminum core wire, and now the general wires are 2.5 square millimeters of copper wire, this situation is recommended to replace, otherwise easy to tripping or even cause fire, bring safety risks. In addition, some of the old house pipes are galvanized pipes, cast iron pipes, this metal pipes are easy to corrosion, aging, may cause secondary pollution to tap water, but also more prone to water running, so it is recommended to replace the current PPR, PVC pipes. In this case, it is normal to increase the cost of hydropower transformation.
After reading the above introduction, do you know what's boring about old house decoration? Through this article, let us go out of the old house renovation and decoration construction errors, to avoid unhappy decoration, reduce decoration regrets Oh ~


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