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1. Over-protection of privacy, do not disclose any information to the designer family members. Many owners do not like or resent the designer asking family members about the situation, the more designers ask, the more defensive the owner is against the designer. In fact, decoration only with the designer will family members'living habits, age, occupation, etc. clearly informed, in order to make the designer design more intimate, can well meet the needs of family members in function.
2. Home must be renovated to have a sense of design. It is not a design without breaking down walls or remodeling, which is a common fault of most people in decoration. "Rationalization" runs through the whole process of home decoration, and transformation is to rationally arrange space needs. If the household function is very good, the layout is clear and there is no need for special modification. If the spatial layout affects the daily life habits, it can be properly reformed.
3. The specials of big brands are not as good as those of high-end products of small brands. Choosing furniture and building materials should consider quality, quality, reputation, after-sales and other aspects. Big brands have complete and advanced production lines, even if the product has problems, there is a comprehensive after-sales service system to help owners solve problems.
4. The large-scale renovation of hydropower is that designers want to take advantage of the opportunity to charge more. Whether hydropower needs large-scale renovation depends on what style the owner needs to design. Owners like simple, natural and simple style, which does not require large-scale transformation. If the owner likes the complex European style or Mediterranean style, the area of hydropower transformation will be slightly larger.
5. Rely solely on the household effect map to fix the decoration. "If I can't understand the graphic design, you can let me see the design directly." This is a common problem for most owners. Owners should not blindly let the designer give the effect map, but design it according to the budget, cost and style requirements in the early stage, otherwise the result of decoration will certainly be far from the effect map.
6. After decoration, buy furniture. This is absolutely the experience of people who have been decorating. Choosing furniture first and then decorating will make the living style more harmonious. Furniture can determine the style and color the owner wants, design drawings are more close to the owner's mind, but also can better grasp the cost of the project.
7. Decoration mixing is more popular. Mix-up is not a mix of styles, European style can not match Chinese style, so the home is not different. But it can be a mix of different materials and different colors to make the home more textural.
8. Set the price of decoration blindly, workmanship, quality is the second. Work, quality must be the most important decoration, first than the quality of the project, and then compare whether the high-end grade of materials, fixed decoration must absolutely believe that "one price, one goods".


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