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[导读]:一、勤通风,防止装修形成污染1 Frequent ventilation to prevent pollution from decoration为了防止在家居装修污染高发期中遭到
1. Frequent ventilation to prevent pollution from decoration
In order to prevent damage in the "high incidence period" of pollution in home decoration, besides the use of non-toxic and less toxic decoration materials, regular home decoration companies should be invited to construct, but also to achieve ventilation and air purification of decoration rooms. If conditions permit, try to make the room more ventilated; if there are no conditions, choose indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that can reduce harmful indoor gases.
2. Don't take the radiator out in summer
Although in the hot summer will not use heating, but in the future living, you will feel the importance of heating. And the family decoration project has "no repeatability", so whenever decoration, should take into account the replacement of heating. In family decoration, replacing the traditional cast iron radiator with a new steel pipe radiator with good heating effect and beautiful appearance has become popular.
3. Don't rush to repair
Spring air humidity, walls, floors, wood furniture contains more moisture. In summer, the air becomes dull gradually. At this time, there may be some problems due to seasonal changes, different temperature and humidity, such as shortening of wood floors, increasing gap between boards and boards, different kinds of materials, different shortening rates and cracks on walls and doorframes, etc. These are due to the normal phenomena in seasonal change. At this time, repair, water continued to evaporate, the wall may still continue to crack. Should wait till the wall moisture and the external climate are suitable for a repair, so that the role will be better.
4. No Painting in Rainy Days
For wood products, whether it is varnish or mixed oil, remember not to despise the rain brush. In rainy days, the construction team is asked to do some other work first, or even temporarily strike for two days.
Five, remove mold.
Home decoration often encounters latex paint due to slow drying, in hot and humid weather will be mildewed. In this regard, the general method of decoration companies is to turn on air conditioning and dehumidification, to remove moisture from the air; furniture cabinet doors are not closed, adhere to ventilation. After decoration, we will also encounter various odors that do not go out, affecting people's health. The idea of decoration company is that after decoration, putting more green plants, or putting two or three lemons or oranges or bananas in the room, can receive the effect of quick deodorization.
6. Wallpapers and paints should be dried in shade naturally.
Paint and wallpaper are commonly used wall decoration materials. Because of the humid air in spring, in order to make the wall dry as soon as possible, open doors and windows to ventilate. Summer is different, because of the dull, so wallpaper in the pavement before the general permeation in water, and then brush glue pavement. If the doors and windows are opened at this time, and the wallpaper just laid and pasted is blown through the hall, the wallpaper will be shortened and deformed due to the quick loss of water.
7. Moisture-proof and sun-proof
The wood products purchased in summer include construction main material big core board, auxiliary material white wood strip, door edge line, window frame line and kickboard under the wall, etc., all need to test the moisture content of wood products. In the timber market, the general wood products franchise stores should have a measuring instrument for wood moisture content. The state stipulates that the moisture content of the standard sheet should not exceed 12%. Experts advocate that when purchasing data in the dry season, dull ones can be selected appropriately. When the data comes out, it should be placed for a day or two to make it the same as the surrounding humidity, so it is more appropriate to use it.


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