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  NO.1 防潮
  NO.1 moistureproof
  Moisture-proof work in the process of decoration directly affects the quality of decoration, as well as the living environment of home in the next few years. In particular, the following points should be noted:
  (1) Placement of materials
  Especially for some wood materials, it is better to lay some moisture-proof products such as cardboard and newspapers on the ground, and hanging mat is the best moisture-proof method. In particular, the timber should be stored in the house for two or three days after it is bought back, and the construction procedure should be carried out after it adapts to the ground and atmosphere. Before construction, the ground should be kept dry and the moisture-proof layer should be laid. In this way, wood will basically not present the problem of deformation.
  (2) Details in the construction process
  Construction is the key to the quality of family decoration, and special attention should be paid to it. All wood products should be painted immediately after installation. This layer of paint, known as "topcoat paint", not only protects wood products, but also acts as a water barrier to maintain the normal moisture content of wood. At the same time, the binder can not be mixed with water.
  (3) laying lines and floor tiles
  Attention must be paid to the insulation work to prevent the circuit from working properly or even potentially dangerous because of dampness. After the floor tiles are laid, don't let woodworkers in immediately. It's better to let them air-dry naturally for a period of time, with half a month as the best. Because wet weather will slow down the setting speed of cement, floor tiles can not be trampled immediately after they are laid.
  NO.2 防火
  NO.2 fire prevention
  In spring, some areas are dry and windy, and some materials used in decoration, such as paint and paint, are flammable. Therefore, fire prevention has become a special attention in the process of spring home decoration.
  First of all, in the selection of decorative materials, we must meet the national standards. For example, indoor ceiling should be made of non-combustible materials, and wall, ground and base should be made of non-combustible or non-combustible materials. Flammable products such as paints and coatings are stored in a cool and ventilated place away from the fire source.
  Secondly, in the process, we should do fire prevention treatment for wooden materials such as keel and cabinet of ceiling. At the same time, wire joints must conform to the installation specifications, pipe piercing and fixed parts must be carried out in accordance with construction specifications, otherwise permanent hidden dangers will be left. Over time, joints will be oxidized, aged and virtual joints, resulting in excessive contact resistance of joints, which increases the possibility of fire caused by heating or arcing.
  NO.3 防干燥
  NO.3 Anti-drying
  (1) Controlling the Temperature and Humidity of Wood
  Wood is an indispensable material in decoration. The factors affecting wood are humidity and temperature. Because of the strong drying in spring, it is necessary to put a basin of water in the house for two or three days to adapt to temperature and humidity to buy back the spare wood. It can make the wood dry naturally and avoid the problems such as excessive moisture loss, edge cracking caused by the strong wind. Timely sealing of wood is equally important.
  (2) Putty construction strictly according to product instructions
  Because the alkali content of most walls is relatively high now, when choosing putty, we should choose the suitable putty according to our own room type. At this stage, putty in home decoration market is divided into one generation putty paste, two generation wall lining and three generation negative ion wall lining. Of course, the effect of the process formation has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the process of construction, we should pay attention to the method of putty mixing. We should work strictly according to the product instructions, and ensure the quality of products as well as the decoration effect. Otherwise, even the best products, improper operation will produce adverse effects.
  NO.4 防污染
  NO.4 Anti-pollution
  Nowadays, consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection of home decoration. In order to avoid indoor pollution caused by decoration, we should try our best to choose simple decoration style, environmentally friendly decoration materials, and stipulate environmental protection clauses in the decoration contract, so as to avoid pollution after decoration and lack the basis for complaints and lawsuits.
  First, in the contract, whether it will cause air pollution or whether it will produce harmful gases exceeding the standard should be included as an important content, in order to require decoration companies to ensure the use of high-quality decoration materials and protect their legitimate rights and interests from infringement.
  Secondly, most of the decorative finishing coatings will release a variety of volatile organic compounds, which is very harmful to human health. After decoration, they should be given a certain period of exhaust before entering. The traditional wooden furniture should be placed for a period of time, which is conducive to volatilization of volatile substances. Compared with formaldehyde, the volatile substances in paint are lost relatively quickly, so it is a good choice to buy stainless steel cabinets.
  NO.5 防纠纷
  NO.5 Dispute Prevention
  With the arrival of decoration season, consumer disputes will increase. For decoration companies, the preferred regular and high-quality team should avoid the hidden dangers of greed and cheapness. The service items, billing methods and settlement methods provided should also be clearly agreed in advance. The contract model text supervised by the administrative department should be signed as far as possible, and the traps should be avoided comprehensively, relevant vouchers should be retained, and timely complaints should be made after disputes occur.
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