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  Do you know how many places can save money in home decoration? For example, wall bricks, ceiling, here is a summary. However, if it is impossible to confuse them, there may be different opinions in some parts. The following edition will talk about my views.
  1. Wall tiles: wall tiles do not need to think about wear resistance, waterproof, which affordable choice of which on the line, 60 flat 80 flat is not much different, exquisite point of choice of good brand special price will be enough.
  2. Kitchen and bathroom ceiling: without choosing brand, keel can choose better. It doesn't matter how thin and thick the aluminium clasp board is. No one can look up at the ceiling without money to choose the cheapest aluminium clasp board directly. But if the ceiling lamp and the heater are better chosen, even if they are cheaper, they will be easily replaced if they break down later.
  3. Wall Coatings: Select environmentally friendly brand parity can be painted without distinction, just choose the color I like.
  4. Furniture: Not necessarily all solid wood, solid wood composite can also be, environmental protection standards can be, do not choose density board furniture on the line. Choose a better plate.
  5. Moving door: Whether it's a wardrobe glass door or a kitchen door, there's no big difference between a five-millimeter glass door and a one-centimeter glass door, but the guide must be good or not to slide.
  6. Window Cover and Door Cover: Solid wood is too expensive. After doing this, you need to buy wooden lines and so on. Making solid wood composite door cover can be simple, beautiful and cost-saving. It's better to have money than to have solid wood.
  7. Doors: Solid wood composite doors, log doors and so on, the use of differences are not big, ordinary can, do not need too much cumbersome craft, do not need a variety of carving process, so that the price of the door will be improved invisibly. Really no money, it doesn't matter to be able to use the moulded door, pay attention to environmental protection.
  8. Cabinet: Can choose ceramic tile cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, and strong and durable, much better than the board cabinet, outside the cabinet door to do a beautiful point can be, mesa can choose granite.
  9. Decorative lines: as long as the decorative lines, wall panels, can be less, can be reduced to simple, simple and durable, lines can be as little as possible.
  10. Electrical appliances: Household appliances update quickly. The first half of 10,000 pieces of TV will become 8,000 in the second half of the year. So don't rush to buy appliances. They are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Household appliances generally account for 10% of the total decoration, saving a lot.
  11. Gypsum board ceiling: Apart from the necessary ceiling to shield the ugly beam, the other ceiling for appearance can be less.
  To sum up, the central government that can save money is actually external, purely decorative, replaceable, renewable, environmentally friendly and highly replaceable. They don't have to pay a lot of money. For more information about home decoration in Jinan, click on http://www.jnjmzdc.com


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