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  Before we check in, we remember to do a good job of checking in advance. We should pay attention to the inspection of each area of the new house. After all, some developers have flaws in their houses today, so that we can not worry about the problems after checking in. When you check your room, you should also take a careful look at the drain pipe, especially the fire ring above the drain pipe. According to the construction specifications, the fire ring at the top of the drain pipe is required. Perhaps many friends do not understand this equipment very well. To put it simply, assuming that there is no fire ring and other risk situations, we can not use it to ensure our peace. Ann: Assuming that there is a fire ring in the sewer pipe, it can be used to ensure our safety in time of danger, so we must check it safely. Following Xiaobian to learn what is the fire ring? What is the use of fire ring? Where should the equipment be located and so on?
  First, what is a fire ring?
  The fire-retardant ring is made of metal material and filled with a flame-retardant expanding core. It is sheathed on the outer wall of the rigid PVC pipe and fixed on the floor or wall.
  2. What is the effect of fire ring?
  The greatest effect of fire arrester is safety. Assuming that fire breaks out, the core material in fire arrester expands rapidly when the fire breaks out, kneading UPVC pipeline, closing the pipeline perforation in a short time, preventing the fire from spreading along the opening, and also avoiding the flame to other floors and weakening the fire.
  Another function of the fire ring is to start a fire, and the sewer pipe will not be burnt out, leaving about 8 centimeters, which can be connected to the back to continue to use.
  3. Where is the fire ring equipment located?
  依据我国住建部GB 50242-2002《修建给水排水及采暖工程施工质量检验规范》中室内排水系统设备第5.2.4条:高层修建中明设排水塑料管道应按规划请求设置阻火圈或防火套管。
  According to Article 5.2.4 of GB 50242-2002 "Quality Inspection Code for Construction of Water Supply, Drainage and Heating Engineering" of Ministry of Housing and Construction of China, the indoor drainage system equipment should be provided with fire-retardant ring or fire-proof sleeve according to the planning request.
  依据我国住建部 CJJ/T29-2010《修建排水塑料管道工程技术规程》(2011年10月1日施行)中第4.1.3条,敷设在高层修建室内的塑料排水管道当管径大于等于110mm时,应在下列方位设置阻火圈:
  According to Article 4.1.3 of CJJ/T29-2010 "Technical Regulations for Construction of Drainage Plastic Pipeline" (implemented on October 1, 2011), when the diameter of the plastic drainage pipe laid in the high-rise building room is greater than or equal to 110 mm, fire rings should be set in the following directions:
  1. Open-laid risers run through the intersecting parts of the floor.
  2. Transverse pipe passes through the partition wall of the fire zone and both sides of the fire wall.
  3. The transverse pipe passes through the outer part of the penetrating part of the well wall or pipe fence.
  It is also stated in Article 5.1.17 that the equipment of fire ring should meet the requirements of the product, should be close to the floor or wall when the equipment is used, and should be fixed with expanding bolts.
  Today, some developers of course equipped with fire ring, but not close to the roof of the floor, may fall at any time, so that no maintenance effect, there are great security risks. Therefore, the fire ring equipment should meet the product requirements, the equipment should be close to the floor floor or wall, and should be fixed with expanding bolts. We must pay attention to this point during the laboratory inspection. Assuming that the house inspection found that my family did not, to see whether the neighbors have, if the neighbors have your family does not have then go to the developer equipment, assuming that everyone does not, it may be that the developer did not install, at this time you can choose to install yourself.


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