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[导读]:  墙面效果对油漆的好坏直接反映了一种装饰质量的好坏,很多时候我们喷完油漆后会出现很多问题,那么如何解决这些问题呢?下面小编为您提
  The wall effect directly reflects the quality of a kind of decoration. Many times, after spraying paint, there will be many problems. How to solve these problems? The following chapters provide you with some common problems and solutions for your reference.
  I paint the paint.
  Wall decoration, Shenzhen decoration company pointed out that the decoration measures: first, foam perforation, if there is water, that is, water penetration into the bottom or behind the paint, through the sun, water evaporated to the outside, the top of the paint. At this time, first remove the foaming paint with hot air spray gun, let the wood dry naturally, then brush the primer, and finally re-coat the paint to restore the whole face. If there is no water in the bubbles, the wood may crack and contain a small amount of air. When the sun shines brightly, the air expands and the paint expands. Faced with this situation, first blow off the foaming paint, then fill with resin, paint or no filler to fill cracks, scrape the paint, directly coated on the micro-porous coating.
  2. 剥落的油漆
  2. Peeling Paint
  Maybe the surface is too smooth. If the original paint is shiny or powdery (raw paste paint), the new paint will not stick well to the surface. Maybe the wood on the metal has rotted, rusted, or the paint has peeled off. Small areas of paint peeling, you can first use fine sandpaper polishing, then putty, brush primer, and then re-paint, must scrape off large areas of peeling and re-paint.
  A stain on the wall
  Usually, there are many reasons for the stain on the paint surface. If the water in the latex paint dissolves the substance on the wall and the paint surface rusts, the steel wool brushes on the wall surface will produce rust spots, and the dirt will appear on the wall when the dark ditch relaxes. In order to prevent stains, coat with primer containing aluminium powder. If a stain occurs, remove the latex paint from the stain first. After finishing the primer containing aluminium powder, the primer can be repainted.
  4. 裂缝
  4. cracks
  In most cases, chemical paint remover or hot air gun should be used to remove the paint and then re-paint. If the fracture range is not large, the sand block or wet sand paper will be immersed in water, grinding the crushed paint, polishing the surface smooth, putty, brush primer, paint.
  5. 粗糙表面
  5. Rough Surface
  According to paint experts, the rough surface of the new paint is due to impure brushing or environmental pollution caused by the normal phenomenon. It may also be paint mixed with paint, paints that have not been precipitated or filtered before use, or paints that have not been dried and covered with dust. To prevent these problems, use clean brushes and buckets. Before using the old paint, it must be filtered with paint filter paper or clean nylon socks. In addition, when the paint is not dry, cover or cardboard should be covered on the paint surface to prevent dust. If the paint surface is rough, after drying, smooth it with dry and wet sandpaper and brush it again.


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