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  Ceramic tile is very common in family decoration, because its smooth surface and various decorative patterns are widely loved by decoration owners, especially kitchen decoration is the most widely used. For the beauty of the kitchen, people will decorate the kitchen with tiles and cabinets, which is not only beautiful but also very convenient, but the combination of tiles and cabinets is really good?
  In family decoration, it is a very important part of kitchen decoration. When people are decorating the kitchen, the pursuit of the kitchen is not only practical, but also more important is the beauty of the kitchen. So some decoration owners are decorating the kitchen cabinets and tiles. The cabinets are simple and generous, beautiful and generous. The combination of tiles makes the kitchen more beautiful. But is this kind of ceramic tile a good cabinet? It's better to know the practice of ceramic tile cabinet first.
  Ceramic tile sandwich cabinet is to replace the moisture-proof board of the cabinet with ceramic tile. This kind of cabinet looks more durable. This is also a kind of cabinet that many families like very much now.
  Notes for tile tiling:
  1. The waistline of brick cabinet is generally 5 cm, which is very beautiful for trimming.
  2. If you choose mosaic, because the area is relatively small, you can cut it into any combination, the amount is very small, 1 meter waistline can be used with 0.1 square mosaic, but the shop is better, need to be measured by the shopkeeper.
  3. If a Mason is skilled, he can cut large tiles. Remember to sew them well and cut them into 5 centimeters, but the cost of laying large tiles is better.
  4. Whole cabinet countertop tiles should not use marble material as far as possible, and white cement should not be used as far as possible when laying bricks (no white cement sealant is used when there is ash on the countertop). Dark color sealant is recommended.
  After laying and pasting, the remaining brick-laying of integral cabinet door panels can be customized by professional cabinet shop, according to square calculation, packaging; if carpentry at home is easy to deform, waterproof will be poor; and then the hinge, slider, basket, handle and other materials are purchased, such as mainframe can be installed, cabinet door production cycle is about 15 days; pay special attention to the installation of the water tank, before doing a good job of the water tank, first Do a good job of size, according to the size of the production hole, we must keep enough size, faucet should be set in advance, determine the size. Advantages of Ceramic Tile Clamps
  1. 价格对人民友好。与实木橱柜相比,性价比高
  1. Prices are friendly to the people. Compared with real wooden cabinet, it has a high cost performance ratio.
  2. Durable. The biggest trouble with wooden cabinets is that the tide will ebb and decay over a long period of time, affecting the quality of life. And brick sandwich cabinet will not appear these problems, +ceramic tile cabinet concrete structure quartz stone countertop, to ensure that the problem of load-bearing, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion
  Easy to take care of. The placement of ceramic tile cabinet prevents penetration. Even if it is stained with oil, it is ineffective to place the cabinet without doing it in time.
  4. 简单的和美丽的。表面光滑,花样繁多
  4. Simple and beautiful. Smooth surface, a variety of patterns
  Defects of Ceramic Tile Clamps
  1. Some are absent from class. Brick sandwich cabinets are mainly practical, and there are not too many complicated decoration and modelling choices. The design requirements for home decoration of owners are very high. Brick sandwich cabinets may not have as good effect as the style collocation of cooperative home decoration.


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