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  How to install the home decoration design should be considered by every friend who has not experienced the decoration. Especially in the choice of decoration style and function, there is always no alternative. In fact, the friends who decorate the house all know what is more important. This paper analyses two concepts of function and style in view of the vast number of decoration consumers.
  If you decorate once, you can live for ten years. In the first three months, because of its beautiful style, it will be ecstatic, more intimate, ubiquitous outlets, dual control of turning off lights in bed on cold nights, not cleaning toilets, enough storage cabinets, that is, opening and using hot water, may be your true intimate life partner.
  Choose decoration style or function? I'll tell you everything.
  Does this mean that the practical decoration is ugly? On the other hand, is the styled designer's residence not practical? In fact, there is no opposition between aesthetics and practicality. The interior decoration design combining practicality and aesthetics has always been respected and pursued by people.
  First of all, it should be emphasized that it is a practical function. Where do you start? What kind of house do you buy?
  When the lighting is not good at home, we need to consider "how to solve the lighting problem", rather than "what kind of lighting is better".
  The house is not transparent enough, we need to consider "how to make the house more transparent", rather than "what style will be more transparent".
  Only when you have the boxes in the box room, can you use the "room" and decorate them properly.
  Decoration style and architectural style are roughly the same, but there are still slight differences. Take furniture for example:
  Nordics like bright colours and geometric patterns. American furniture is heavy and comfortable. Western Europe emphasizes design and refinement.
  However, they all have their own kernels - emphasizing functions.
  Actual function, but also depends on the specific pattern of the household, living habits, decoration style whether it is difficult to play hooligans.
  As far as style is concerned, style is not only functional metaphysics. What color, material and design do you like about Xuan on Xuan Shang? It's closer to your favorite home.
  Like decoration furniture, see if they can match each other, match up to look good, this is your home style.
  There may be many concepts in your mind, such as "Europe" and "America", but without exception, these are synonyms for taste.
  The combination of hard-fitting performance function and soft-fitting performance style is taste.
  Home Decoration Design Seeks Royal Use
  If you understand the two concepts of function and style, you can consult the designer for further planning for real interior decoration design and construction.c


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