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  How to arrange furniture reasonably in family decoration steps?
  1. Small furniture, put a small space, large furniture space: usually with low-dimensional small furniture or furniture, suitable for small area or smallpox low space, can reduce the indoor height and smallpox or space narrow enough pressure, large-scale furniture, because the home is like the indoor space that may be swallowed up, it is not easy to be noticed. Large space, of course, can put in a larger number of furniture, but sometimes only placed in a single and design furniture, will create a completely different feeling.
  2. 对称布置:以餐桌和椅子的布置为例。一个放在桌子的前后两端,两个放在桌子的两边。不妨把空间想象成一张大桌子,然后按顺序摆放家具,其中“对称”是“有秩序感”装饰方式中简单的表达,把握这一原则,不怕空间混乱。
  2. Symmetrical layout: Take table and chair layout as an example. One is on the front and back ends of the table, and the other is on both sides of the table. Imagine the space as a big table, and then place the furniture in order. Symmetry is the simplest expression of orderly decoration. Grasp this principle, not afraid of space confusion.
  Neighboring accommodation furniture size proportion must be similar: side-by-side or adjacent furniture, the size and proportion of each other can not be too large gap, otherwise the space will look very inconsistent. If you have a small and delicate table, don't put too much furniture on one side or too heavy; don't lay too complicated or too heavy towels with patterns and colors, let alone hang on it to watch the Sutra table or even the chandelier.
  4. Furniture furnishings need to echo each other: this point and horizontal line of sight and verticality, and horizontal line of sight, if the space is large enough to replace 3 and 2 people's sofa seats, can be added in the opposite two single chairs, to avoid empty or discontinuous visual experience. Also, if the wall on one side of the room is arranged as a bookcase, the furniture that naturally needs a higher height on the opposite side will echo each other, such as floor lamp, or an indoor plant.
  5. 找到地板的中心:另一种找到平衡的方法是想象在地板上放一块大地毯。如果你的房间是正方形或长方形的,地毯通常放在房间所有对角线的中间。总之,就是把握家具适合摆放在地毯四周的位置去。
  5. Find the center of the floor: Another way to find balance is to imagine putting a big carpet on the floor. If your room is square or rectangular, carpets are usually placed in the middle of all the diagonals in the room. In short, it is to grasp the suitable place for furniture to be placed around the carpet.
  6. Constructing contours: If furniture lines and spatial lines, such as window frame edges, are parallel to each other or visual continuity, it is unlikely to produce too many miscellaneous uneven lines. When arranging multiple cabinets, if a contour line can be formed, the height of each other should not be too high, and a complete set of cabinets should be formed.
  7. Unification and harmony of the overall space style: the sense of interior space must be harmonious, otherwise there may be a problem of style inconsistency. For example, one area of space seems very free, but in another it seems solemn and orderly. Or on the one hand is the complex Gothic style, on the other hand is the cold simple industrial line design, can not be integrated, will only make the interior look dazzling.
  8. Style furniture and space coordination: the protagonist of furniture space should pay attention to whether it can be "coordinated" with the interior style, singing each tone, and avoid building in large area. Because the space is open and appropriate, it is large and style furniture, with marble floor, hanging on the ceiling, curtains and curtains on the ground. The momentum of space. If the interior design is based on iron, glass or other industrial materials, the space tone to cool the realistic tone, then it is best to abandon the rural or gorgeous classical style of furniture is not necessary, with simple modern furniture, in order to highlight the style of space.


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