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[导读]:  随着经济的快速增长,越来越多的企业涌入。在促进经济发展的同时,企业之间的竞争也越来越激烈。  With the rapid growth of ec
  With the rapid growth of economy, more and more enterprises come into our country. At the same time of promoting economic development, the competition among enterprises is more and more fierce.
  For the company's office, we should not only consider the impression to customers, but also consider the comfort of employees in the use process.
  With the increasing attention to the office environment, it is more and more important to ensure good privacy in the office decoration design. So why keep its space private?
  Because employees need to be relatively quiet and comfortable in their own small space when they are dealing with tedious work or busy, privacy protection can create a unique working space for each employee, without external influence. Ensuring the relative privacy of office space can improve employees' sense of security, because when you focus on your work, you want a working environment with a security wall, so that other people will not affect each other at work.
  Paying attention to privacy in the process of office design can greatly enhance employees' love and affinity for the company, create a warm, comfortable and humanized work platform for employees, and indirectly improve the office efficiency of all employees.
  For the office, privacy is mainly related to the isolation requirements of the corresponding space, including vision, hearing and other aspects.
  We know that every employee has a certain range of activities in the work, whether the design is reasonable or not is directly related to the work efficiency of employees.
  Today, most companies use open and semi open space when designing office layout, because open office space allows employees to communicate with each other, self adjust, and create an efficient working environment.
  It's relatively private. Yes, when we design a specific workspace involving individuals, we need to consider the spatial scope, behavior, stability and privacy of specific work activities.
  In addition, offices are becoming more intelligent and automated.
  In the office, the relationship between people and equipment is not the opposite.
  Always consider people's psychological capacity, that is, in the exclusive space in front of the desk, when looking up or standing. You can also communicate with your colleagues at any time and share public space, which not only provides space for everyone, but also allows employees to keep constant communication while reading work. This form of office space can not only make every employee have their own private space, but also make reasonable use of public space to better meet the office needs of employees.
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